Day: July 4, 2015

Test Cover Design for WIP – Buffalo Soldier: Mob Justice

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I’m currently working on a new Buffalo Soldier novel that involves Sergeant Ben Carter and his men getting caught up in the prejudices of a small town in New Mexico Territory, when a man has been falsely accused of murder, and Ben must reconcile his duty of aiding law enforcement when requested with his sense of justice and right.  Below is one of the cover designs I’ve come up with. Comments are welcome. Chapters I’ve completed are being posted at so if you want to see the story behind the proposed cover, pop over and give it a read. Comments on the cover design are also welcomed.

Cover design

Review of ‘The Dream Jumper’s Promise’

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Tina Greene’s husband, Hank, is presumed dead in a surfing accident off Maui, but she is unable to accept the fact, and is haunted by eerie dreams that she can neither understand nor explain. When a former lover, James Dunn, returns to Maui and informs her that he has the special ability to ‘read’ dreams, her already chaotic life takes a dangerous turn.

The Dream Jumper’s Promise by Kim Hornsby is a chilling tale of love, betrayal, and other-worldly happenings that reads like a paranormal mystery. The author paints a vivid picture of what goes on inside the mind during dreams, with a ghost added for good (or bad) measure. In addition to all of her other problems, Tina has to deal with a domineering mother who is willing to go to any lengths to ‘protect’ her only surviving child.

The dream sequences and James’ encounters with Hank’s ghost are masterfully written and heighten the suspense as Tina gets closer and closer to the truth. The resolution of Hank’s death will, I promise, catch you completely by surprise as the author so skillfully weaves characters, living and dead, into a narrative that has all the hallmarks of an outstanding paranormal mystery.

I give this book four stars.

Review of ‘Everville: The Fall of Brackenbone’

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Everville: The Fall of Brackenbone by Roy Huff is a tale of fantasy, alternate universes, and almost nonstop action. It tells the story of Rathlar, aa dragon and shapeshifter, who protects Brackenbone in Everville, and Owen Sage, a college student in the town of Gaston Falls, on Earth—two individuals in two different universes who have a strange connection. The Earth-Everville connection is guarded by members of Echo Club at Owen’s university, and he is a key member of the club. Huff writes well as he zips us back and forth between the two universes, and as he shows the developing relationship between Owen and Jacob, who has fallen from favor and must earn his way back.

Like a lot of the parallel universe stories, many parts of Everville are predictable, while other parts could be fleshed out more. Jacob’s redemption, for instance, was all too predictable, missing an opportunity to throw more barriers in the path of the main protagonist, Owen. That having been said, I still found it an enjoyable book, so I’m giving it four stars.

Release of Spiderworld by Richard Bunning

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Looking for something different?


AIA Publishing has just released its fifth book, and in line with previous fiction titles, the book has a unique voice and a metaphysical bent. Spiderworld by Richard Bunning turns the tables on humans and spiders, and makes you think about humankind’s relationship with animals and with each other.

Not even the time-lord, Orlando Oversight, knows everything. But speculation can turn into a real future, and the Lush Star system, where spider-like beings treat humans as we do animals, isn’t such a distant dream away.

Do Jack Baker, the self-styled ‘Spartacus’, and his followers have a future as more than meat and slaves? Will Athalie have the life she hopes for with her hero? And will the ‘spider’ Boklung hold his business together while funding and organising the Arcraft’s voyage across the Milky Way?

Spiderworld is another of Richard Bunning’s quirky, speculative, science fictions.

Is it any good?

Of course it is. It’s published by AIA Publishing, a selective publisher with high standards in quality control. It’s also Awesome Indies Approved and has been nominated for an Awesome Indies Seal of Excellence in fiction.

Will I like it?

Here’s what the Awesome Indies review says:

This is a unique read in so many ways, and I loved it. Eight-limbed “spiders” rule the Multiverse. Humans (yeng) are an enslaved species, and also provide delicious meat to the Aranians. This was a book that pulled me into its pages. If you love sci-fi, alien worlds, even a bit of romance, then you’re bound to love this book.

Where can I buy it?

Your local Kindle Store


Who is Richard?

Richard is a citizen of the United Kingdom and New Zealand, but currently resides in Switzerland. He has seven substantive books published, plus one gift-market book written with few words and many short stories appearing in a number of anthologies. His novels are all speculative science fiction while his short pieces cover many genres. He’s also written ‘modern’ English language versions of French neoclassical plays that spouted from some quite different region of his author personality.

Details on all Richard’s writing, including free stories and ‘bloggins’, plus his reviews of many other writers’ works, can be found at:-