Day: July 9, 2015

Review of ‘Murder is a Family Business’

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Porter Wyler wasn’t a handsome man, but his wife, Yvette suspected he was cheating. So, she hired her best friend, Lila Alvarez, CEO of Discretionary Enquiries, Inc., to follow him and get the dirt on him. The condition, though, was that it be kept in the family, so Lila sends her daughter, Liana ‘Lee’ Alvarez to tail the suspected cheat. Things turn really sour when Wyler is killed, and Lee, because she finds the body, is caught up in the investigation, and is even considered a person of interest.

Murder is a Family Business, the first book in the Alvarez Family mysteries series, follows Lee as she delves into why a nonentity who made Danny DeVito look tall, dark, and handsome would be gunned down near a supposedly abandoned warehouse in San Francisco. Her efforts to solve the case are complicated by the fact that DI is not a gumshoe operation, but a sophisticated computer crime investigation service. Fortunately for Lee she has the help of her computer genius brother, Richard, and the support of a domineering, but loving mother to get her through the rough spots—of which there are many in this taut mystery that is also laced with humor a la Sue Grafton. Lee is no Kinsey Milhone; she comes from money; but, she is just as dogged in her pursuit of the truth, and I think I’ve found a new heroine to moon over.

A book that you’ll find impossible to put down. I would give it five stars (in fact, wanted to), but in all fairness, there were a number of typos and missing words that should have been caught in editing, so I’ll give it four instead, and wait for the next one, which I’m sure will catapult into the five-star firmament..