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Review of ‘The Dream Jumper’s Promise’

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Tina Greene’s husband, Hank, is presumed dead in a surfing accident off Maui, but she is unable to accept the fact, and is haunted by eerie dreams that she can neither understand nor explain. When a former lover, James Dunn, returns to Maui and informs her that he has the special ability to ‘read’ dreams, her already chaotic life takes a dangerous turn.

The Dream Jumper’s Promise by Kim Hornsby is a chilling tale of love, betrayal, and other-worldly happenings that reads like a paranormal mystery. The author paints a vivid picture of what goes on inside the mind during dreams, with a ghost added for good (or bad) measure. In addition to all of her other problems, Tina has to deal with a domineering mother who is willing to go to any lengths to ‘protect’ her only surviving child.

The dream sequences and James’ encounters with Hank’s ghost are masterfully written and heighten the suspense as Tina gets closer and closer to the truth. The resolution of Hank’s death will, I promise, catch you completely by surprise as the author so skillfully weaves characters, living and dead, into a narrative that has all the hallmarks of an outstanding paranormal mystery.

I give this book four stars.