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Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy – Stories 58-62’

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Oliver and Jumpy – the Cat Series, Stories 58 – 62 by Werner Stejskal is the 20th book in the Oliver and Jumpy series. Unlike the first 19, which each have three stories, with illustrations and brief text, this one is a series of five stories, with fewer illustrations, that has Oliver the elegant tomcat telling how he creates stories. These books are designed for early readers. Like the early books, this one contains lessons of value for young readers, but in addition, talks about the creative process of writing stories.

This one might be a bit of a challenge for beginning readers, but with adult help, they will come away from the experience of reading it with an enriched vocabulary, and who knows, this might be just the thing to inspire the literary gene in your child.

I give this one five stars.

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy: 55-57’

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Oliver and Jumpy: 55-57 by Werner Stejskal has three beautifully illustrated stories of the kind I’ve come to enjoy in this series. Oliver, the elegant tom cat, helps save his friends from a flood and teaches them the value of working together in ‘Flood;’ in ‘Lazy Squirrel,’ he teaches a lazy squirrel that it’s wrong to steal from others, and in ‘’Unexpected Lory,’ when his cousin, Lory, runs away from home and drops in on him looking for adventure, he teaches her the importance of listening to your parents.

Each of these little stories is entertaining, while at the same time teaching an important life lesson to young people. These make great bedtime stories for young ones, either having them read, or if they’re early readers, reading it themselves.

I give this one five stars.

Review of ‘Flowers’

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Flowers by Werner Stejskal is a small collection of photographs of flowers taken during the author’s trips to various countries. Each photo is accompanied by a flower-related quote.

Technically and artistically, this is a great little book. The subjects are shown to best advantage, in high-definition color photos with effective lighting. Two of the photos had hands in them, no doubt to hold them still for the camera, but that’s the only jarring note in the whole book.

If you like flowers, you’ll like this book. If you like photography, or photographing flowers, you’ll also like it, although, you might like it more if the author had included some details on how each photo was made (lighting, exposure, etc.). If you like pretty pictures, you’ll definitely like it.

I give it four stars.

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy: 52-54’

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Oliver, the elegant tom cat who ‘loves himself,’ is back with his friend Jumpy the kangaroo in three interesting little adventures for little readers—or little ones who like to be read to. In Oliver and Jumpy: 52-54 by Werner Stejskal, Oliver has to babysit for his sister while she goes to the hospital to have another kitten—a job he finds he’s hardly prepared for. Then, when Oliver spots a strange plume of smoke out at sea, he and his friends go to explore, and he finds himself taken captive to teach the chief’s son, of all things, English. In the final story, which is a bit confusing to me, we follow a raindrop from its origin in the sky to Oliver’s drinking glass, where it asks to be swallowed. While the first two stories teach useful lessons, I had a bit of a start at the third one; not sure how I’ll explain that one to my grandchildren. The illustrations, as usual, are superb, and the morals of the first two stories are useful lessons for any age. Maybe the moral of the third story is that everything has a purpose to fulfill; I’m just not sure. This is the first time I’ve found anything critical to say about this series, which are still great for entertaining small ones, and teaching them useful life lessons in the process.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review. I give this one three and a half stars only because of that last, somewhat troubling story.

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy 49-51’

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Oliver, the elegant tomcat, is back with Jumpy and his other friends in another series of adventures that will bemuse and beguile your little ones. Oliver and Jumpy: 49-51 by Werner Stejskal has Oliver getting in trouble with an ice bear when he goes skating with Jumpy’s son, Joey, Oliver tutoring a family of young mice, and finally, Oliver and Jumpy helping to teach a naughty dragon a lesson.

Interesting and entertaining stories that youngsters will love having read to them, with fantastic pictures to accompany them will keep your young ones busy for hours.

I give this one four stars.

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy, 46-48’

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Oliver, the elegant tom cat who is full of himself, is back, along with his friend, Jumpy the Kangaroo. In these three stories, Oliver saves the kingdom of Fairyland from a rampaging wizard, becomes a king who is overthrown by his subjects when he eats the wrong food, and is helped to get his treehouse all neat and tidy by a family of bee gnomes looking for a new home for themselves.

Oliver and Jumpy- the Cat Series, Stories 46 – 48 by Werner Stejskal is another trio of amusing little stories for bedtime reading to your favorite munchkins. Along with the interesting story lines and cute illustrations, each story contains a subtly-delivered moral. Your little ones will be amused and entertained by Oliver’s shenanigans.

I give this book four stars.

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy: 43-45’

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Oliver and Jumpy 43-45 by Werner Stejskal brings young readers more adventures of the elegant tom cat, Oliver, and his kangaroo companion, Jumpy, that are sure to delight. Oliver and Jumpy go on a magic carpet ride to save a princess, friends give Oliver a great birthday party, and magic berries create problems in three cute stories that can be read to youngsters, and that will teach while they entertain. Your young ones will like them.

These three stories were good, but not quite up to the author’s usual standards, and there were several grammatical glitches. I give it four stars, though, because this is still a book that my grandchildren enjoyed.

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy: 40-42’

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Werner Stejskal does it again. In Oliver and Jumpy: 40-41 young readers again encounter Oliver the elegant tomcat, and his sidekick, Jumpy the kangaroo, off on more amazing adventures. Oliver and Jumpy help a family of elephants find food, and then Oliver becomes a hero as he kisses a princess and wakes her up. The final story has Sillandia being visited by an alien who wants to learn how to be silly and have fun.

Enchanting little stories with fantastic illustrations, they are perfect for reading to youngsters, or allowing young readers to enjoy all by themselves. Each story offers a subtle lesson that will not be lost on your toddlers. Great bedtime reading.

I give this book four stars.

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy: 37-39’

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Oliver and Jumpy are back in a new series of adventures. Oliver and Jumpy: 37-39 by Werner Stejskal contains three exciting new stories of the exploits of the elegant tom cat and his kangaroo friend. From rescuing a maiden in distress in a painting to Oliver’s dislike of getting wet, to a trip down the river, more adventure awaits your young readers. Fascinating illustrations and deftly taught morals mark these stories that every child will enjoy.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review. I give this book four stars.

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy, 34-36’

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I’ve been an adult fan of Werner Stejskal’s ‘Oliver and Jumpy’ series since reading the first one. These are great bedtime stories for the young ones, and my grandchildren love following the adventures of Oliver, the self-centered and elegant tom cat, who, along with his kangaroo friend, Jumpy, gets into all kinds of pickles, but always manages to come out okay in the end.

In Oliver and Jumpy 34-36, we learn how Oliver got his signature white top hat, see the antics he gets up to when he joins the circus, and go along with him and Jumpy when they’re asked to explore a ship wreck to retrieve a wedding tiara.

Elegantly (as Oliver) illustrated, each story contains a subtle lesson for the young ones, but primarily, they’re just entertaining. I give this one four stars.

Review of ‘How to Find Book Reviewers’

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Every author has to struggle with promoting his or her work, and getting a book reviewed is one of the best ways to get a buzz going. Getting people to review your book, though, can be a challenge. Werner Stejskal, a top-flight author of illustrated children’s books has penned an easy to read, common sense guide for doing just that.

His book, How to Find Book Reviewers, is a departure from his usual fare, but it’s written in the same simple style as his ‘Oliver and Stumpy’ books. In this book Stejskal describes the methods he uses to find reviewers, methods that can easily be used by anyone, indie author or those published by others—news flash, even the big publishers expect the authors to do the lion’s share of book promotion, unless you’re lucky enough to be an established best-seller.

With the advice in this book, you could very well one day join that stellar group. I give it five stars.

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy: 31-33’

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Oliver and Jumpy: 31-33 by Werner Stejskal is another fascinating romp with Oliver the elegant tomcat and his friend, Jumpy the kangaroo. An excellent book to read to youngsters, this one has three new adventures. In the first, the crockery comes alive and has a fancy party for Oliver and his friends. It’s followed by a hair-raising adventure when Oliver and friends go boating and encounter a hungry shark, and finally, Oliver becomes tiny and explores the world of the garden.

Colorful illustrations and captivating stories will keep your young ones wanting to hear more.

Another five-star book from Stejskal.

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy: 22-24’

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For some reason, I read Oliver and Jumpy: Stories 22-24 by Werner Stejskal, which I received free in exchange for my review, in August, but neglected to write that review. Probably just old age and senility. Like the other books in this series, this is three neat little stories of Oliver the elegant tom cat and his friend, Jumpy the kangaroo, and the adventures they get up to. Elegantly illustrated, these stories are a hit with my grandchildren, and I’m certain for kids anywhere.

From Oliver’s train journey to his fishing trip with Jumpy, they not only entertain, but contained subtly within them are good life lessons for kids.  My apologies for the delayed review, and thanks for another great book. I give it five stars.

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy – 31-33’

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I have enjoyed Werner Stejskal’s Oliver and Jumpy books. They’re favorites of my grandchildren, and always contain little lessons of value for young people, in addition to being entertaining. I get free copies of these books in exchange for my unbiased reviews.

Stejskal hits another one out of the park with Oliver and Jumpy: 31-33, a series of stories featuring the elegant cat, Oliver, and his kangaroo friend, Jumpy, as they engage in adventures. In the first story; on New Year’s Eve, the crockery and cutlery comes alive and prepares a feast for all the creatures. A cute little story that’s just fun to read. In story 32, the whales come to visit, and everyone enjoys playing them, but sharks also come, and they pose a danger. Using his wits, Oliver saves his friends. In the final story, Oliver becomes very small so that he can explore the small world among the flowers of the garden.

Interesting stories and superb illustrations make these books a hit with early learners and first readers alike.

I give Stejskal five stars for this one.

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy: Stories 25 – 27’

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Oliver, the elegant cat, and his friends are back again in Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 25 – 27 by Werner Stejskal. In these episodes, Oliver deals with Olly the Owl who helps Oliver find a missing ring, Oliver goes on a visit to the desert to see his sister and her family, and the children of Oliver’s neighborhood discover that on Halloween ghosts can actually be fun.

These stories, wonderfully illustrated, also carry important messages for youngsters without being preachy. Your young readers will be enchanted by them.

Five stars because my granddaughters loved it.

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy: Stories 7 – 9’

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Oliver is an elegant tomcat. His best friend is Jumpy, a kangaroo. The two of them get up to some amazing adventures that will delight young readers. In Werner Stejskal’s Oliver and Jumpy: Stories 7 – 9, our two heroes have fun in the snow among other adventures.

I received a free copy of Stejskal’s book for review, and as usual was enthralled by the simple, yet educational stories contained therein. The illustrations are first rate, and kids can learn life lessons while they enjoy having the stories read to them, or for those who can read, read themselves.

As a grandfather myself I can really identify with Stejskal’s efforts to entertain his grandkids. This is not the best of his Oliver and Jumpy series, but it still deserves four stars.