Day: July 8, 2015

Review of ‘Homecoming’

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Paranormal investigator Finn McCoy is a handler, that is, he is often brought in to ‘handle’ things when others muck them up. For years he has avoided his home town of Shallow Springs because the very things he’s devoted his life to handling are there in large numbers. But, when his nemesis, Sheriff Bob Lyle calls for his help—more than the normal number of people have started disappearing from the sleepy little mining town—he has no choice but to go home again.

With Amanda, the newfound love  of his life, Finn goes back to Shallow Springs, where he finds that the Fey have become emboldened, and now, instead of taking the occasional lone wanderer in the woods, are actually threatening the town itself. What Finn finds shocks him to his very core, and unless he prevails, Shallow Springs and all its inhabitants will cease to exist.

Homecoming by Scott Langrel is a paranormal thriller that will . . . thrill and chill you. Langrel masterfully uses the language in a way that will keep you on the edge of your chair, and have you flinching at every sound in the dark. Amazingly drawn characters and nonstop action makes this the perfect book to curl up with—in a brightly lit room.

I’d give it six stars if I could, so I’ll just settle for five!