Review of ‘Everville: The Fall of Brackenbone’

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Everville: The Fall of Brackenbone by Roy Huff is a tale of fantasy, alternate universes, and almost nonstop action. It tells the story of Rathlar, aa dragon and shapeshifter, who protects Brackenbone in Everville, and Owen Sage, a college student in the town of Gaston Falls, on Earth—two individuals in two different universes who have a strange connection. The Earth-Everville connection is guarded by members of Echo Club at Owen’s university, and he is a key member of the club. Huff writes well as he zips us back and forth between the two universes, and as he shows the developing relationship between Owen and Jacob, who has fallen from favor and must earn his way back.

Like a lot of the parallel universe stories, many parts of Everville are predictable, while other parts could be fleshed out more. Jacob’s redemption, for instance, was all too predictable, missing an opportunity to throw more barriers in the path of the main protagonist, Owen. That having been said, I still found it an enjoyable book, so I’m giving it four stars.

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