Review of ‘Rocco’s Wings’

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Rocco is the only being in his village with wings, making him an outcast. Worse, at night, his wings glow a luminescent blue, which can attract the attention of the Urvogels, beings who live on the upper levels of the land. An explorer by nature, Rocco decides to fly to the upper levels. There he finds others who, like him, are winged, but the society there is oppressive. Rocco witnesses others having their wings cut off for what wouldn’t be considered violations at the lower levels.

Rocco’s Wings by Rebecca Merry Murdock is a brilliantly written coming of age tale of love, honor, and bravery, that follows Rocco as he forms bonds with other young beings like himself, youngsters who just want the freedom to think for themselves. A heartwarming story that will appeal to readers of all ages.

Four stars for a very good first novel.

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