Day: October 14, 2015

Review of ‘Dialogues of A Crime’

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In 1972, 19-year-old college student Michael Pollitz got caught up in a drug bust and through an unfortunate combination of circumstances wound up in jail where he was brutally assaulted by other inmates. Michael just happened to have a friendship connection with the son of a leader of the Chicago mob, and two of his assailants ended up murdered after they were released. Two decades later, when the third assailant is arrested on an unrelated charge, he brings the old case up, which gets veteran Chicago cop, Detective Larry Klinger’s interest.

What follows in Dialogues of A Crime by John K. Manos is a riveting tale that explores human relationships and the politics of crime and punishment that is a unique tour de force in the crime writing genre. The author, using mainly conversations between the various characters involved in the old case, takes the reader inside the system, on both sides of the law. The characters in this fascinating book come across as real people, and even though it’s fiction, you quickly feel you’re reading a true crime story.

This book is unique in that it doesn’t follow the usual mystery formula. There is no neat resolution of the crimes, and in the end there are no real winners or losers, just a group of people caught up in events over which they have little or no control—much as it is in real life. A completely satisfying read that will bring you to tears in places, and have you fuming in righteous indignation in others.

Kudos to Manos and five stars for this fascinating book.