Day: October 2, 2015

Review of ‘Keith Ramsbottom: The Return of the Pork Pie’

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Keith Ramsbottom and his hapless friends are back again, and they’re funnier than ever in Keith Ramsbottom: The Return of the Pork Pie by Scott Pixello.

Things are heating up in Roman-occupied Britain, especially in the village of Effluvium. Roman governor Paulinus disappears for days, causing great worry, and the rebel Boudicca burns Londinum, which causes even greater worry. But then, Paulinus resurfaces and decides to hold a poetry competition, and things get really, really zany.

This is not a book to read if you’ve just ingested a large quantity of liquids because it’ll tickle you and make you trickle. You’ll laugh until you spew your liquid all over the place. Pixello has a gift for using puns, plays on words, and just plain spot-on comic observations of human nature that will keep you entranced from start to finish.

Five stars and counting!