Day: October 26, 2015

Review of ‘Language of the Bear’

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Lieutenant Hugh Pyke is a British army officer, newly arrived in the Pennsylvania Colony, who finds himself attracted to his commanding officer’s daughter. Wolf Tongue is a brash young warrior of the Susquehanna tribe, once rulers over others, now on the verge of extinction. He seeks to earn honor so he can marry his chief’s daughter. The lives of these two men come together when Pyke’s commander sends him on a deadly mission with Wolf Tongue as his guide.

A rich historical novel full of action, suspense, betrayal, and love, Language of the Bear by Evan Ronan and Nathaniel Green brings alive a time in American history that has only been scantily documented and a people, the Susquehanna, now lost to history. The reader is made to see, hear, smell, and most importantly, feel, what the characters experience as the very proper young British officer is taught the meaning of honor by a man he first views as a savage. At the same time, Wolf Tongue, a half-breed son of an English settler, learns to have more respect for himself and his mixed heritage.

An extremely well done piece of historical fiction, only marred by a few typos that another round of proofreading would remedy. I use the term ‘marred’ lightly in this case, because I truly enjoyed reading this book.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. I give it four stars.