Day: August 30, 2017

Review of ‘Murder on the S.S. Rosa’

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In 1923, young war widow Ginger Gold boards the S.S. Rosa, bound from Boston to Liverpool, to settle her late father’s estate in London. A few nights into the voyage, the captain of the vessel is found murdered, and among the long list of possible suspects is one Ginger Gold. With the help of her traveling companion, Haley Higgins, she’s determined to help CI Basil Reed, a passenger on the ship, find the real killer.

Murder on the S. S. Rosa by Lee Strauss is a short prequel to the Ginger Gold cozy mystery series that has all the hallmarks of a fascinating mystery series. Rich descriptions of the social mores of the era, combined with heart-stopping suspense and action, this book ends all too soon—but, in a most satisfying manner. The author does a masterful job of creating believable characters; even the villains have some redeeming social graces, and credible motives.

A fascinating introduction to a character that will rival Miss Fisher in the cozy genre set in the period between world wars.

I give it five stars.