Day: August 28, 2017

Review of ‘Unearthed’

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After a global earthquake left the earth shattered, and communities isolated, a new social order was established to restore civility. Unfortunately, it also established a caste system where those at the bottom of the hierarchy have been left without hope, and are subjected to some of the worst injustices imaginable.

Blague, a Sin, the lowest of the social classes, is the leader of a rebellion intended to overthrow the existing social order, and restore hope and justice. When he leads an attack to seize an outpost belonging to the Heizers, the top class, and obtain access to a chemical that is important to their continued hold over society. The successful operation also emboldens Sin society to rise up against the Heizers, and brings Blague into direct confrontation with the Heizer ringleader, who also happens to be his brother.

Unearthed by March Mulero is an interesting story, taking a look at what can happen when those who are already at the top of the economic ladder are allowed to act without restraint. I had a problem, though, with the grammar and some of the sentence structure of the book. It could use another round of line editing, which would elevate it in the genre. As it stands, however, it fails to make the grade, and I can only give it three stars.