Day: August 6, 2017

Review of ‘The Snow Globe’

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When Maggie Kincaid started having strange dreams, she broke her engagement with Michael, a man she thought she loved, but discovered that she didn’t really know. Obsessed with her, he begins a relentless pursuit that causes her to flee from city to city in a vain effort to escape him. When Michael turns his attention to her sister, Julie, Maggie decides that it’s time to stop running. Law enforcement, despite a number of restraining orders, has not been able to help her, and the dreams featuring her deceased grandmother, and her effort to get a message to Maggie, get worse. After Michael kidnaps Julie and tells Maggie that if she doesn’t return to him Julie will die, she takes matters into her own hands, becoming the pursuer instead of the victim, following him from New York City to Washington, DC, in the hopes that she can finally bring her nightmare to an end.

The Snow Globe by Tony Faggioli is a riveting thriller that deals with the issue of stalking, the limitations of the legal system to curb this life-shattering crime, and how one person, with determination and persistence, can take control of her own life.

Overlaying the human aspects of the story is a bit of paranormal activity that is only partially explained—but, this is not a deal killer. Characters bring to mind real-life people, despite the paranormal aspect, and are easy, if a bit uncomfortable, to relate to.

I received a free copy of this book. I give it four stars.