Day: August 25, 2017

Review of ‘Intertwined’

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After failing his higher learning test, William Rose received an invitation from the Agency for Scientific and Technological Advancement (A.S.T.A.), offering him compensation if he’d be willing to submit to tests at their secluded facility. Once there, though, he finds that all is not as it first seems, and must try to save his parents from the mysterious Mr. Dark, win the girl of his dreams, and survive.

Intertwined by Cooper Eaton is an interesting book. The premise, a shadowy organization physically and mentally manipulating citizens, is interesting, and revives thoughts of the US CIA’s MK-Ultra program. The execution, however, needs work. The author confuses verbs, laid when lay would’ve been the correct word, and this is just one example of several I found while reading the book. Character dialogue is also weak. Everyone in the book sounds like everyone else, and few of the teens sound like teens.

With a little more line editing, this could be a pretty good story, and I think, with time and experience, this author will develop a writing style that does not detract so much from what is an otherwise compelling story.

I give him three stars for this first effort.