Day: June 26, 2013

Review of “The Italian’s Inexperienced Mistress” by Lynne Graham

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Angelo Riccardi is the grandson of notorious crime family head Carmelo Zanetti. When Zanetti is dying, he summons Angelo to his bedside to tell him the awful secret of his family, including the fact that his late mother had been swindled by English fraudster Donald Hamilton and then dumped. Although he has always been on the right side of the law, his Italian heritage surfaces as he vows revenge on Hamilton.

But then, he meets Gwenna, Hamilton’s daughter and sparks of all kind begin to fly, more so when he includes her in his web of vendetta.

I have to begin by confessing that I’m not normally a fan of romance novels. Too many ripped bodices and heaving bosoms, exquisitely beautiful maidens and unbelievably handsome swains for my taste. But, Lynne Graham’s The Italian’s Inexperienced Mistress is not your usual cloyingly described sex scenes interspersed with a few paragraphs of purple prose narrative. I mean, it has a lot of the obligatory coupling, grappling, and heavy breathing, enough in fact to satisfy fans of the genre. But, it is also a novel of high intrigue, suspense, and not a small amount of humor. Part Cinderella, part Great Gatsby, Angelo’s adventures, Gwenna’s inner turmoil, and the path of their relationship will keep you turning the pages.