Day: June 7, 2013

Review: “Dawn of Knight I: Xeltian Invitation” by Steven Vincent

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Creating a fantasy world is a difficult task; creating it in such a manner that a reader is willing to suspend disbelief and actually contemplate that such a world could exist is nothing short of a Herculean task. In Dawn of the Knight I – Xeltian Invitation, Steven Vincent has almost succeeded in doing that.

This novel of Xeltia’s Corruptor and her Knight to conquer the world; an effort that had previously been tried and had failed, is really more the story of a wannabe knight and those who find themselves in his proximity. Filled with action, it’s fun to read, but a few glitches keep it from rising to the level of great fantasy – which it could very well be.

First, the e-Book has some formatting issues that caused me pause. Chapter headings beginning at the bottom or middle of pages is jarring – not a total deal killer, but nonetheless, distracting from the story. One of the things that makes a fantasy world believable – well, actually two things – dialogue and character names. A guard named Louie in the opening chapter seemed so out of character I re-read the passage twice to make sure I was seeing correctly. Given that the other characters have names one would normally associate with a fantasy world of swords and sorcery, this was one of those anomalies that bothered me throughout the book. Finally, the dialogue; which was mostly credible, but in places characters used distinctly modern speech, which again sort of jars the senses and pulls me out of the fantasy world and back to today – which is not where I want to be when reading a story like this.

Not major deficiencies, but not minor either. Dawn of the Knight I is a good story. If these problems were not present, it would be a great story.