Day: June 14, 2013

Free e-Book! “The White Dragons”

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Summer is almost here. Get a HOT book free for those hot days inside reading. The White Dragons, a novel of international intrigue, is free for Kindle June 17 – 20. Don’t miss out!


Review of “Heaven 2.0” by Scott Haworth

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Mike Kepler is an extractor, working for the Taipei Corporation, a religion-based organization from the far future that has access to time displacement technology. Mike’s job is to ‘extract’ people from the ‘Dark Ages,’ that is, the ages before TC’s time, just as they ‘die,’ and take them to the future, where they will be judged for placement in heaven or hell.

Now, all that is a mouthful, but it’s the only way to introduce Scott Haworth’s Heaven 2.0. An extremely well written, and funny book, at the same time it nails the tyranny of religion and the mindless formulaic behavior of corporations to a tee. As Mike wrestles with the moral and ethical implications of his work, he also has to deal with his feelings for Gabby, his mentor when he began working as an extractor.

You’ll thoroughly enjoy following him through his experiences working solo in the Dark Ages. Some of the conversations between the newly ‘dead’ and the angels as they call them are both touching and hilarious at the same time.

Haworth knows his subject, and has a master craftsman’s ability to convey it to readers. If you only read one book this month, this should be it. Five stars, only because I can’t give it six.