Day: November 24, 2017

Review of ‘Ghost Gathering’

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The MP-5 Team, a group of special operations specialists unconnected with any government bureaucracy, and working out of a corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas, get word of a ghost gathering, a group of unknown terrorists operating undetected on U.S. soil and planning an operation that will generate thousands of casualties, they pull out all the stops to find the terrorists and foil them. Their only lead is a Christian monastery in northern Iraq, but when they arrive, the abbot is killed, and their only chance to stop the deadly plot lies in the hands of a six-year-old orphan boy, who is also being sought by ISIS for its own nefarious purposes.

Ghost Gathering by M. H. Sargent is a spine tingling thriller that moves with lightning speed from event to event, as the team races the clock against a determined group of terrorists and an international assassin in a high-stakes game which they cannot afford to lose.

A stunning cast of characters, chilling scenarios, and high-tech plots will keep you flipping pages, pulse racing, until the end. While I’m not usually a fan of cliff hanger endings, I was struck at how the author managed to tie up loose ends, give a satisfying conclusion to the main plot, and still leave a question mark hanging over our heroes at the end, setting things up for an equally thrilling sequel.

I give this one four stars.