Day: November 10, 2017

Review of ‘5th Floor Below’

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While conducting research on space debris at a top-secret facility near Haifa, Dr. Naama Kashti is exposed to an unknown substance that triggers rapid changes in her body, leading to the belief that she has stumbled upon the secret to immortality. Her discovery causes shock waves around the world, with foreign intelligence agencies and the world religious communities shaken to their cores.

5th Floor Below by Manahem Misgav is a riveting techno thriller that follows Naama and her friends and family as they come to grips with a discovery that can change the history of humanity, but that also causes seismic changes in their personal lives. A fascinating story translated from Hebrew, it has a few glitches, no doubt caused by slight errors in translation, it combines futuristic sci-fi with international intrigue and voyages of personal discovery. I was also a bit disappointed at the inconclusive ending.

I give it three stars.