Review of ‘Habit Stack: 21 Small Life Changes to Improve your Success, Wealth and Productivity’

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What we achieve in life is largely determined by the effort we put into it, and those efforts are guided by habits we’ve developed over a lifetime. In order to make a change for the better, it’s first necessary to develop positive habits, and those positive habits can be achieved by combining, or stacking, them onto existing habits.

In Habit Stack: 21 Small Life Changes to Improve Your Success, Wealth and Productivity by Philip Paterson, readers are introduced to 21 exercises that can start making the changes that will transform them into the persons they want to be.

Arranged into chapters that are written with the non-academic in mind, each ending with a summary that recaps the main points, these are exercises that anyone can master. A nice self-help book that is only marred by a depressingly large number of formatting inconsistencies that are detracting—at least to me—and the author’s practice of inserting review links throughout the book. This, I feel, is overkill. It’s such a short book, a single review link at the end would have been sufficient.

Despite these problems, I still recommend this book for anyone who really wants to change for the better.

I give it three and a half stars based on the mechanical problems, but high marks for content.

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