Day: July 29, 2017

Review of ‘Death Toll Rising’

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Houston Police Detective David Porter, head of a special unit of officers, has long planned a vacation with his family. But, the excursion is cut short when one of the country leaders attending a conference in Houston mysteriously dies in a restaurant in Houston’s Chinatown, and a shadowy Middle Eastern group goes on the Internet with a video of the death, and accuses the Americans of being behind it.

Federal law enforcement agencies jump to alert as international tensions and ill feelings toward the US begin to rise, but, hitting nothing but dead ends, are forced to call on Porter and his team for assistance. When another leader has a sudden ‘heart attack,’ and the group, Allah’s Warriors, again lays the blame on the US, Porter finds himself in a life or death race against the clock—and, things only get worse when the group succeeds in assassinating the American president.

Death Toll Rising, by Terry Keys is a story of international intrigue that will get your pulse racing and keep you on the edge of your chair throughout. The author gets inside the minds of his characters in a way that makes you feel you know them, and his descriptions of action—whether terrorist or US military—are extremely credible without going into mind-numbing details.

In a world that is currently beset with almost unimaginable tensions, this story reads as if it was cribbed from highly-sensitive intelligence reports. A thriller that will, in a word, thrill you.

I give it five stars.