Day: July 5, 2017

Review of ‘Betrayal’

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FBI Special Agent Odysseus ‘Odi’ Carr, in addition to being a counter-terrorism, is an explosives specialist. His sister, Cassie, a behavioral psychiatrist, is in love with Odi’s boss, the director of the FBI. This relationship leads to complications when Odi and his team are sent to attack what is supposed to be a terrorist training camp, and turns out to be a hospital. Odi’s team is assassinated, and he barely escapes death himself. Meanwhile, back in the US, corporate fat cats, in an effort to protect their obscene profits, are behind acts of terror to keep the fear level high. Their plans are working until they start dying, and realize that Odi didn’t die, and he’s now hunting them. The FBI director, part of the evil plot, sets Cassie against her own brother, and the race is on.
Betrayal by Tim Tigner is a well-crafted thriller, and, while the Odi character is a bit larger than life, he’s made manageable by having his twin sister, Cassie, as a counterpoint.
Great escapist reading. I give it four stars.