Review of ‘Bad Doctor’

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Gideon Box is the world’s best congenital cardiothoracic surgeon. He’s also a weirdo and a psychopath. He curses his patients, his nurses, and anyone else around him when he’s performing surgery. If he has a grudge against you, don’t go to his hospital; he’s likely to let you die from a preventable infection. When he’s not in the OR, he’s likely to be in someone else’s home, pretending to be them, or in a strip joint paying for lap dances.

When he pulls the stolen identity/lap dance stunt with Willow and her fellow stripper, bad things begin to happen—even worse than usual. First, he robs the women of the money he’d paid them plus what they’d made from dancing, which leads them to return the next day and, assuming the woman in the house is his wife, kill her and steal what little money she has. Then, Willow’s doper boyfriend, Bobby, kidnaps him, snags the girls, and head to the countryside to get his revenge, whereupon in his drug-addled state, he shoots himself and Box, instead of saving him, kills him by packing nutmeg into his open wound (who would have thought nutmeg could kill you>).

It just gets crazier and more complicated from there, and if you want to know how this wacky story turns out, you’ll have to read Bad Doctor by John Locke. The first in the Doctor Gideon Box series, one has to wonder what worse can the good (bad) doctor get up to. The story can be a bit confusing as it switches from Gideon’s first person point of view to other characters’ third person, but if you’re the patient type, it all starts to make a little sense near the end. It’s a bit hard to root for a main character who is such a bad person, and impossible to like him, but like a house fire or an auto accident, you feel compelled to look.

I give it three stars.

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