Review of ‘Last Chance Lassiter’

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Ex-linebacker turned lawyer, Jake Lassiter, is down on his luck. Fired (or quit, depending upon your point of view) from a deep-pocket law firm, his girlfriend’s dumped him, and the Florida bar is after his license for slugging a client. Now working solo from a dump of an office, Jake’s asked by Cadillac Johnson to represent him in a lawsuit against a rapper he’s accused of stealing his signature song. Lassiter is his last hope.

Last Chance Lassiter by Paul Levine is a novella that introduces Jake Lassiter’s beginnings as a private practitioner. The dialogue is gutsy, gritty, and gets to the point, and the characters are memorable. If you’re a Lassiter fan, this is a gem, because it gives more of Lassiter’s back story, and if you’ve not read this series, this will whet your appetite for more.

Rumpled, rowdy, and righteous, Lassiter is everyone’s hero as he rumbles through life, ‘following no rules but his own.’

I received this book as a gift.

I give it five stars.


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