Review of ‘The 9/11 Machine’

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On September 11, 2001, Dr. Donald Ellis lost his wife and daughter when the second tower of the World Trade Center was destroyed in a terrorist attack. Many who lost loved ones that day retreated in grief or plotted revenge, but Ellis retreated instead to an isolated warehouse where he worked on a strange machine. Though consumed by grief over the loss of his family, he was not plotting revenge. His objective was to perfect his ‘time travel’ machine to make the events of 9/11 ‘unhappen.’

He makes several trips to the past, some just days before the attack, and others farther back, in an effort to change the outcome of this tragic event, but each trip only results in greater losses and global upheaval.

The 9/11 Machine by Greg Enseln is a fascinating retelling of America’s greatest tragedy; alternate history and science fiction brought together in a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat as Ellis tries frantically to ‘undo’ history. The author skillfully melds actual events with speculative forays into what ‘could’ have happened in a most compelling tale.

I give the author four stars for a most interesting read.

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