The Kind of Review You Want To Receive

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We all want to have out work reviewed favorably by readers. This is, after all, why we write – well, we actually write to be read, but it’s nice when those who read are positively impressed by what we’ve written. Over the years, I’ve received comments, both positive and negative, from readers. I don’t solicit comments – somehow, that is one step I’m reluctant to take. It’s far better when readers comment of their own volition, whether or not they like my books.

Sometimes, the shortest comments have the greatest impact. I think the review that has really made me feel good, was a sort of backhanded compliment, but, as it was unsolicited, I feel it really reflects the feeling of the individual who wrote it. Furthermore, in a few short words, it summed up my writing style. This, my friends, is the kind of reaction I think we, as writers, should be striving for.

This was a reader review of my latest Al Pennyback mystery, Death From Unnatural Causes.

It kept my interest and was an easy and quick read. I liked the main characters.
Not a fantastic piece of literature, but I might read this author again.

Was I wrong? You tell me.


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What are Your Writing Goals for 2013?

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Every writer, in order to be successful, must be disciplined.  One of the ways to become disciplined is to set goals and then work toward them.  What are your writing goals for 2013?  Will this be the year you finally make it out of the slush pile to the top of the editor’s stack?  Join the discussion on my Amazon author’s page and share your goals with other like-minded individuals.



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