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Review of ‘The Blueprint’

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Jason Hunt inherited a fortune from his parents. He has a beautiful wife, and he’s living the dream life. Then, his wife is offered a job in New York, the job of her dreams, working on human augmentation, and in a heartbeat, Jason’s life is turned upside down. It all starts when gunmen from a corporate rival of the company that’s hired his wife try to kill them on the ride from the airport. Only the expert driving of the cab driver saves their lives, but from that point, Jason finds himself on a roller coaster ride of intrigue, deceit and murder. He has to become comfortable with technology he doesn’t understand, deal with hackers, killers, and warring corporations, and take over a company with money he doesn’t have.

Sound improbable? Well, except for a bit of sketchiness on the background of Mike, the enigmatic limo driver, the author actually pulls it off. The Blueprint by Wesley Cross is a riveting thriller, set in the near-future, it contains technology that almost sounds possible—and given the secrecy surrounding many government projects, who knows—scenarios of corporate intrigue that, in today’s age of mega-donors blatantly attempting to control the political process are all too plausible.

Want a good read this summer? Get this book.

Five stars!