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Review of ‘Unallocated Space’

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When someone hacked into the electronic gaming machines of SPACE, the largest casino in the world, eccentric digital forensics expert Sam Platt was hired to find the hacker and put a stop to it. Once he starts working, though, Sam finds an even darker, and deadlier, secret beneath the complex and no one seems to want to put a stop to it. Sam’s sense of justice forces him to soldier on, though, and when Ukrainian mobsters kidnap his daughter in an effort to force him to stop, it becomes personal. They soon learn that Sam Platt is not someone you want to have angry at you.

Unallocated Space by Jerry Hatchett is the first book in the Sam Platt thriller series, and it’s filled with enough explicit action scenes to satisfy the most hard-core thriller fan. This is not a book for the faint hearted. The violence is graphic and explicit, the language is raw and uncensored, and the sex is no-holds barred. Hatchett writes with an authority and deft hand that surely ranks him up there with the best writers of this genre. This is definitely an author to watch. Five stars, Hatchett and keep up the good work!