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Travel Theme: Market

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Ran across this travel theme – Market – and was intrigued, so I thought I’d plunge in with my interpretation:




Travel Theme: Relaxing

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When we travel for pleasure, I think we all want most of all to relax. This week’s Travel Theme is Relaxing.  I went through a lot of my photos from past trips, and decided that there was one that says it all for me. I hope readers will agree.

A hammock on Grand Batanga Beach, south of Douala.
A hammock on Grand Batanga Beach, south of Douala.

Travel Theme: Liquid

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"Victoria Falls"Our earth is made up mostly of water – there’s liquid all around us.  Over at Where’s My Backpack they’ve set a challenge to show liquid with your photos.  With water all around us, that shouldn’t be difficult.

"The Atlantic Ocean from Tenerife"
A view of the Atlantic Ocean from the window of my hotel room in Tenerife.
"Stone and Water"
Patterns in the surf

"Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe"

Sometimes that liquid element contains danger.
"Hippo in the Water"
Sometimes it holds mysteries.

"Reflections of Giraffes in the Water"

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