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Review of ‘Sade Evans: She’ll kill to be happy’

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I received a .pdf copy of Sade Evans: She will kill to be happy by Tonne Odom in exchange for my review.

This is the story of Sade Evans, a woman who has been used and abused, who finally kills her abusers in order to get out of a terrible situation. With her tormentors out of her life, she is finally happy with her new love until others begin to suspect what she has done.

An interesting premise, but grammatical errors and formatting problems in the copy I reviewed, along with the author’s tendency to tell it all rather than let a reader use some imagination, sort of spoiled the story.

The fact of murder makes this something of a mystery, but it is also a novel of betrayal and loss, which requires a deft hand to put across. As a reader, I failed to really ‘feel’ Sade’s pain. In addition, it would have been helpful if there had been more sense of place and time in the story, which would have helped put the main character in better perspective.

The author shows promise, and will be worth watching as he gets more seasoning. I give it two and a half stars.