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Review of “The One We Feed” by Kristina Meister

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The One We Feed by Kristina Meister is a chilling story that will keep you awake at night. Lilith is an immortal working with mortal cops to go after the Sangha. While on a stakeout, she sees a group of Sangha members with a captive, a little girl. As Lilith rushes to the girl’s rescue, she discovers that the child is something else – something beyond imagining. The question for Lilith then becomes, who in that tableau needed saving?

Gritty dialogue and graphic descriptions take you into a netherworld of the undead and the soon to be dead. You’ll smell the blood and sweat and hear the rapid panic-inspired beating of hearts. Meister is aptly names, for she is a meister of the genre. A writer who is destined to take her place in the galaxy of horror fiction stars.

When you open the pages of The One We Feed make sure your seat belt is fastened because you’re in for one hell of a wild ride.