the galadima conspiracy

Review of ‘The Galadima Conspiracy’

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A Hausa-speaking comedian is asked to impersonate the president of Nigeria for a BBC radio interview, and is then left for dead in the desert. A former KGB agent, now freelance intelligence arranger, is sent to Saudi Arabia where he ‘sees’ the president of Nigeria die. These are but two in an amazingly diverse cast of characters who wend their way from West Africa to the Arabian Peninsula to Europe to the U.S., in a thriller that moves across this landscape at breakneck speed, and that will leave you breathless.

Dan Abubakar’s The Galadina Conspiracy introduces the reader to a world that is part headline news, part backroom machinations. While some of the dialogue – in particular the depictions of certain dialects – is a bit flat, the characters are otherwise fully-formed and intriguing, operating in a setting that is very credible and colorful.

Abubakar knows how to strike just the right note to create a mood of terror or suspense – as the situation dictates. This is a book you’ll want to book enough time in order to be able to read it in one sitting – and the investment of time will be well worth it. I received a free copy for review, and was fortunate that I decided to read it on a day when it snowed and I was housebound for the entire day. A book that’s hard to put down, and that leaves you wanting more.