the brightest light

Review of ‘The Brightest Light’

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Kade Traskell, who lives on the Skyland of Girinbult, was once a member of the Skyway Men, but he’s been exiled to the metal working community for a decade. Finally, he’s been given a job and a chance to redeem himself—or so he thinks. But, as soon as he arrives in the target area things begin to go wrong, and he learns that he’s been set up.

Not only must he worry about being a target of the Skyway Men, but he must also dodge the mysterious Green Sea Raiders.

The Brightest Light by Scott J. Robinson is science fiction adventure at its finest. Non-stop action and double dealing from page one as Kade desperately tries to learn who to trust. Hard-hitting dialogue and bigger than life characters in a fictional universe where no one can be trusted. A page-turner that you’ll not want to miss.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. Another five-star offering from a superb sci-fi writer.