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Review of ‘The Apollo Collection – Volume 1: How American Won the Race to the Moon’

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I’ve been a fan of Philip Gibson’s Hashtag History series ever since I read the first one. His series on the US-Soviet space race, and NASA’s journey to the Moon are particularly good. In The Apollo Collection – Volume 1: How America Won the Race to the Moon, Gibson has combined everything about the Apollo 8 through 11 missions into one collection, supplemented with tons of new research.

When John F. Kennedy announced the goal of a man on the Moon on May 25, 1961, the US manned space program was significantly behind the USSR. In this collection that details all of the NASA missions up to and including the eventual landing on the lunar surface, using social media (Twitter) postings, Gibson takes us inside for a view of the program that wasn’t really even available to those of us who were around at the time. Based on recollections, transcripts, news reports, and complete with photos and graphics, the program is brought back to life.

The Hashtag History series is an astounding way to teach history. Not just a dry recital of dates, events, names, and places, it uses the words of people who were involved in events, to bring those events back to life. Once you’ve read on, you’ll be hooked for life. Another four star offering.