the amulet thief

Review of ‘The Amulet Thief’

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When her mother was murdered, young Alex Kelley was spirited away from NYC to Indiana by her mother’s best friend, Ava. After 21 years of a secretive existence, Alex returns to New York seeking answers to her mother’s death. She first encounters shadowy beings who seem to be following her, and then she meets Greer Sinclair, a mysterious man who seems to know more about her and her past than he should. The more she delves into her past, the more questions she has. Who are what is Greer, and more importantly, just what is she? The key seems to be an amulet her mother gave her just before she died, and when it goes missing, things heat up for Alex. Can she find the amulet, and unlock the dark secrets of her past before unknown forces end her life? Only time will tell.

The Amulet Thief by Luanne Bennett is an eclectic blend of the modern and the supernatural that makes for captivating reading from start to finish. The dynamic between Alex and Greer, though never fully explained, appears to be the point around which all other actions revolve. An exciting book that is hard to put down.

I give it four stars.