Review of ‘Tempted’ by Paul Micheals

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Tempted by Paul Micheals is a coming of age story with a difference – a dark twist that will come at you from left field and knock you to your knees.

When his father is murdered, Alexi Gallo has to drop out of school and take a low-paying job to support his pregnant mother. His life seems to be going nowhere fast until one day he is approached by a slick-talking attorney, Rudolph Dontinelli, who offers him a job. He is puzzled that Dontinelli knows so much about him and his family, but eventually gives in and becomes a runner for a string of high-priced prostitutes.

Life gets complicated when he finds himself falling for Traci, one of the hookers, and then even more so when his mother dies during childbirth.

Tempted shows the gritty underside of life, that plane occupied by a large percentage of the population – but with a freakish difference. Alexi has a secret that even he doesn’t know at first, but one that spells the difference between order and chaos, between life and death – and, if his luck runs out, the choice for him could be death.

Michaels is a master craftsman who takes the ordinary and mundane and somehow molds it into a grotesque, almost unrecognizable image, which is nonetheless believable. Take a wild ride with him through the twisted pathways of Alexi Gallo’s life; you won’t regret it.