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Review of ‘If The Devil Had a Dog’

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Fleeing her estranged husband, a powerful lawyer with connections to a Mexican drug cartel, Sidney McQueen ends up in the small West Texas town of Alpine. She has been directed there to find Markus Yeager, a former Marine and CIA special operator, who operates a hunting camp and stables. When he first meets her, Markus’s suspicions are aroused, so he taps into his CIA connections to check up on her. What he learns sends chills through his body; what she’s fleeing is not just an abusive marriage, but a deadly danger that will pit the both of them against the deadly intentions of a band of criminals who do not hesitate to leave bodies in their wake.

If the Devil Had a Dog by T. K. Lukas is a chilling, spellbinding thriller with a romantic underpinning that will keep you up at night—and, probably awake after you finish reading it. The action is well-crafted and nonstop, and the human dynamics are . . . well, just let me say, you’ll identify with all the characters in this book. Some you’ll root for, and others you’ll cheer when they get what’s coming to them.

One of the best books I’ve read so far this year.

A solid five-star book!