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Review of ‘Stealing Destiny’

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I received Stealing Destiny, book 1 in the Immortal Obsession series, by J.D. Selmser, free in exchange for my review. Stealing Destiny is the story of two beings, Damien Douglas, a man who does not believe in God or the afterlife, and Zahir, an angel—both of whom fall in love with Destiny. When Damien dies(?) in an auto crash, Zahir occupies his body and mind and for a time steals Destiny from him. In doing so, though, he becomes mortal. Determined to get his life and his woman back, Damien finds himself caught up in a war between and among immortals and is forced to change his views of many things.

An interesting paranormal novel that touches on the issue of religion, though not with a heavy hand, and in a credible way, as Damien reassesses his views on the nature of religion and God. Also, an effective study of what love and passion can do to anyone—man or angel. Destiny, though she appears seldom, and then only late in the story, is the central character; the one around which all revolves.

Effectively told from alternating points of view, Zahir and Damien, it will keep you reading. At times the relationships and chain of events becomes complicated enough to cause a reader to pause and re-read some passages, but then, it’s a complicated subject, and I think the author handled it well. I’m looking forward to reading book 2 to see what happens to the characters. This book won’t please everyone, in fact, I imagine it displeases many. But, the author has made a good start on what could be an interesting series.

There were quite a few misspellings and missing words–not enough to make it impossible to read, but too many to ignore, so I’m giving it three and a half (or maybe three-quarters) stars.