serban v.c. enache

Review of ‘An Empire of Traitors’

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An Empire of Traitors by Serban V. C. Enache is an epic novel that tracks several independent story lines in an era of war and betrayal; war between god and god, between man and god, and between man and man. Exquisitely written, with both courtly and vulgar language in fine proportions, the sheer number of stories forces a reader to read slowly and carefully for fear of losing the thread of the narrative. This is not a book for anyone addicted to light reading—it takes effort.

In the end, though, it’s worth the effort. I give it four stars.

Review of ‘The Heretical Divide’

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Heretical Divide by Serban V. C. Enache is a dark fantasy a la ‘Game of Thrones,’ with epic battle scenes, treachery, and intrigue, as armies of mortals, allied with various demigods, wage war against each other, each side adamant in its beliefs.

The author moves the reader from one side to the other in this bloody contest with ease and aplomb, portraying a world in torment, and people in the throes of emotions that have world-altering implications. Here there are no heroes, only people caught up in forces over which they have no control, and impelled by emotions they cannot suppress.

If you’re a fan of epic fiction with a touch of the paranormal, this is the book for you. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review. I give it five stars.