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Review of ‘The Brightest Light’

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Kade Traskell, who lives on the Skyland of Girinbult, was once a member of the Skyway Men, but he’s been exiled to the metal working community for a decade. Finally, he’s been given a job and a chance to redeem himself—or so he thinks. But, as soon as he arrives in the target area things begin to go wrong, and he learns that he’s been set up.

Not only must he worry about being a target of the Skyway Men, but he must also dodge the mysterious Green Sea Raiders.

The Brightest Light by Scott J. Robinson is science fiction adventure at its finest. Non-stop action and double dealing from page one as Kade desperately tries to learn who to trust. Hard-hitting dialogue and bigger than life characters in a fictional universe where no one can be trusted. A page-turner that you’ll not want to miss.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. Another five-star offering from a superb sci-fi writer.

Review of ‘The Age of Heroes’

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What does an aging hero do with himself when he’s the Last Great Hero? If he’s Rawk, he trades on his notoriety for a few coins and free food, and tries his best to ignore the creaks and groans of a body that can no longer support the exploits of his youth.

I received a free copy of The Age of Heroes: the Last Great Hero by Scott J. Robinson in exchange for my review. Robinson has done a superb job of creating a world that is populated by a strange and entertaining cast of characters.

When Rawk is injured taking down a magical creature that is no longer supposed to be around, he goes in search of a healer—but, not just any healer—he seeks the assistance of his arch-enemy, Silver Lark, a magician who is living incognito to avoid the unwelcome attention of Prince Weaver, who has outlawed magic in the land.

The Age of Heroes is a funny book, but it also addresses the serious issue of aging and the difficulty that active people have with the inevitable result of a body that no longer performs the way it once did.

A fun weekend read that I give four stars.

Review of ‘The Space Between’

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The Space Between is the first novel by Scott J. Robinson. This is a well-written cross-genre (though mainly a mixture of fantasy and science fiction) story about Kim, who has to try and save the human race and stop a space war with an alien civilization.

Robinson has combined elements of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, thriller, and a bit of humor into a story that weaves in human myths and legends—ancient and modern—with a large dose of a fertile imagination. Some of the science is a bit hard to swallow, but then, good fantasy will always stretch a reader’s ability to suspend disbelief.

Great dialogue and an almost believable description of the multiverse in which Kim finds herself. If this first book is anything to go by, the subsequent offerings in this series will definitely be worth reading. A solid four stars.