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Review of ‘Little Chickadee’

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“I write, write, write all day long,” says the little Chickadee. Another great book for the little ones – either to read if they’re first readers, or to have read to them. ‘Little Chickadee’ by Scott Gordon is another book for children by an author who understands what appeals to kids. The little chickadee is missing someone, and he writes every day, but gets no answer. Finally, one day his answer comes–and, it will be a surprise. Another four-star book from a great children’s author.

Review of ‘A Little Book About You’

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A Little Book About You (A Great Way to Tell Your Child You Love Them) by Scott Gordon is a cute little book with a great message. Perfect for reading to children as young as 18 months, and a good way to introduce an older toddler to reading.

Some nice illustrations, each with an uplifting message to help children have a positive self-image—and, a great way to tell your child he or she is loved.

This is a short book, so I’m writing a short review–it wouldn’t do to have the review longer than the work being reviewed. Get this one for your child. You won’t regret it.  I give Gordon five stars for this one.