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Review of ‘Thrum’

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Air Force pilot, David Weaver, unleashes a missile on a Chinese hospital while on a routine patrol during the 2025 US-China War, and then has to go on the run with his son, Toby, when he realizes that there are forces at work that he doesn’t understand. A high school student in West Texas, Maya, discovers strange growths in animals while she and her friend, Carlos, are exploring the wilderness near their homes.

These two disparate events come together in a thrilling story about a mysterious ‘they’ who are controlling people, and somehow causing mass suicides. When their paths intersect, along with the strange woman who gave David a mysterious orb with the warning to ‘never take it off,’ it begins a chilling race for their lives.

Thrum by S.K. Slate is a science fiction thriller that takes place in the not-so-distant future that weaves human relationships with conspiracy theories, setting up an interesting theme. Unfortunately, the author leaves the reader hanging with far too many loose threads still flapping and mysteries unresolved. Too much head hopping from one character’s point of view to another is confusing, and not enough detail of the ‘conspiracy’ is given to help the confused reader make sense of who is doing what, and why.

While I found the theme interesting—fascinating even—the failure to offer explanations of some of the mysteries (what, for instance, is this mysterious ‘they’ hoping to achieve?) is something of a turn-off. This is a story with great potential, but it needs more coherence to be truly effective. It’s a five-star concept, but, unfortunately, a three-star execution.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.