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Review of ‘Secrets of a Vampire’

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A free-spirited type, Alexandra looks for love in all the wrong places. One night, while on a boring date, love comes looking for her in the form of a trio of vampires, Bronson, the alpha vamp, Dominic and Lisette, his followers, are drawn to her. Worse, she finds herself drawn to them. After absorbing the weirdness of discovering that vampires are not just urban legends, she learns that she is descended from a long line of powerful witches and these three, along with many others, seek her out because she can help them find something—a stone that will allow vampires to walk in daylight.

Secrets of a Vampire by Martha Woods is a young-adult paranormal romance that melds ancient legend with popular contemporary culture in a story that is part adventure, part tale of the attraction between unlikes. Lots of both adventure and romance as Alex learns to use her heritage, while trying to survive against those in the unhuman world who would do her harm.

I received a free copy of this book. It’s a nice story if you happen to be a fan of romance novels with an other-worldly theme, although it drags a bit in the middle, and for my taste, there could have been less romance and more adventure.

I still give it three and a half stars.

Review of ‘The Healer’

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Hope is an 18-year-old high school student with a secret. She can heal people, not everyone, but some. She and her father struggle to keep her ability secret; but it’s far from the only problem she has. She learns that she is actually the incarnation of an ancient princess, Princess Mikomi, who is the love interest of two warring gods, and that a fallen deity wants to control her for his own evil purposes She is forced to make a choice, surrender to her fate, or fight.

The Healer by C. J. Anaya is a young-adult, paranormal romance story that has so many elements woven into the narrative one is almost forced to write notes to keep track of them. An interesting and somewhat entertaining story if you like this genre.

I received a free copy of this book. I give it three and a half stars

Review of ‘Amethyst’ by Heather Bowhay

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Amethyst, a first novel by Heather Bowhay, is a compelling paranormal romance about Lexi, an 18-year-old college student who has the ability to ‘see’ events before they occur. Often, these events involve moral peril to other people. Lexi is consumed with guilt because she’d previously seen a man about to be hit by a bus and hadn’t taken steps to save him, so when she sees a girl about to be attacked by a dog, she grabs a baseball bat and pepper spray and rushes to the rescue. The ‘rescue’ is more complicated than her premonition had indicated, and she encounters a group of strange people who seem to have super-human powers.

Lexi shares this information with her friend and roommate Ally, who has her own powers. Ally has the ‘Essence,’ and can heal people with her mind. Things take a strange turn when she informs Lexi that she too has this power, called ‘Amethyst,’ only even stronger.

Even with a few formatting errors here and there, this is a book that is well worth reading. Fast-paced action, peppy dialogue, and believable characters make up for the few flaws. Amethyst is a book that I can promise you will thoroughly enjoy reading.

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Review: “Shades of Darkness: Redemption Series Book Two” by Melynda Price

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In Melynda Price’s Shades of Darkness, Redemption Series: Book Two, we pick up on the continuing saga of Olivia, a mortal with the ‘sight.’ Olivia has the rare ability to ‘see’ the dark angels, and thus expose them to mankind, and for this, they are determined to destroy her. She has been guarded since birth by Liam, a Ronnin warrior commissioned to be her guardian angel. Liam’s problem, though, is that he has fallen in love with her, thus threatening his very angelic status.

As Olivia, now a fully grown woman, is about to wed, Liam learns of yet another attempt by the Dark Court to kill her, and he again risks the displeasure of his own superiors in order to save her.

A fascinating blend of theology and mysticism, love and betrayal, Price takes us into the minds and hearts of the characters in a deft way. Although some of the prose and dialogue tends toward the stilted, the reader is nonetheless made to care, and care deeply, about the fate of the protagonists.

A surprise ending, though, lifts this tale above the mundane mortal meets angel story. Language and scenes of violence make it a book not for the squeamish.


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