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Review of ‘The Necromancer’

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After being brutally attacked in her Las Vegas hotel room, Michelle Montgomery decided to move to Hawaii to make a new start. Having troubles being around men, Michelle, a hotshot property manager, decides she needs to change. She decides to have an affair with a strange tenant of her condo, Omar Sativov. But, Omar turns out to be more than merely strange; he’s into witchcraft and believes he can communicate with the spirits of the dead. Worse, wherever he goes, death seems to follow him.

As the relationship develops, Michelle finds herself and all close to her in grave danger. With the help of Vincent Middleton, a university professor, she determines to bring Omar down—but, can she do it before he gains total control over her?

The Necromancer by Pamela M. Richter is a riveting story of paranormal suspense. There are a few abrupt transitions that disrupt story flow, and a lot of head hopping from one character to another, but it’s still a good read.

I liked the story, but I can only give it three stars as it currently stands.

Review of ‘Deadly Memories’

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Andrea ‘Andy’ McKnight, a small town girl who has made it big as a real estate broker in LA, left a party in a huff and was found in her car at the bottom of a cliff the next morning. After a long period of recuperation, she returns to LA to pick up the pieces of her life, but suffers memory loss about the events surrounding her near fatal accident – several hours of her time are not accounted for.

P.M. Richter’s Deadly Memories takes the reader on a thrilling and frightening journey with Andy as fragments of memory of that night come back to her, and threaten not just her life, but the lives of those she loves. A cast of intriguing characters caught up in a plot that has international implications. Richter does a superb job of ratcheting up the tension as Andy comes closer to discovering a deadly secret locked in her brain. As the tension mounts, we also follow Andy’s growing love for her former teacher, the wealthy construction magnate, Jake Montgomery and his son Jesse, which has to compete with her loyalty to her friend Rolph, son of a wealthy French family with political connections.

Love, violence, and betrayal mark this thrilling tale of espionage, murder, and terrorism, with enough action scenes to satisfy those who like it, and tenderly drawn scenes as Andy comes to terms with her feelings.

I received a free review copy of Deadly Memories in exchange for my unbiased review. I award Deadly Memories  five stars.

Review of ‘Christmas with Uncle Nick and the Sugarplum Fairies’

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Billy and Cindy get a surprise when their Uncle Nick, who they’ve never seen before, comes to visit and babysits them on Christmas Eve. Christmas with Uncle Nick and the Sugarplum Fairies by P. M. Richter, which I received free in exchange for a review, is an interesting twist on Clement Clarke Moore’s ‘The Night Before Christmas.’ It has a series of delightfully cute illustrations as the author has Uncle Nick narrating Moore’s poem, with the addition of fire-breathing dragons that turn out to be something other than the monsters we often think dragons to be.

This is a great book to read to your young ones before, during, or even after the holidays – and an outstanding book for the new young readers to learn to read and to learn about life at the same time. Find out how the sugarplum fairies saved Christmas.

This is a book that adults will also enjoy. Full of humor and good cheer. A must for anyone who enjoys a good story, and the recipe for sugarplums is an added bonus. I only wish I’d gotten a chance to read it before Christmas so that I could have posted my review on Christmas Day – what a great gift that would have been for my granddaughter Samantha who loves books as much as I do.

Five stars only because six aren’t available.

Review of ‘The Living Image’

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LA fashion designer Sabrina Miller wakes up in a tanning salon and comes face to face with a nude version of herself.  Not just a double, but an identical copy of herself, a clone who has been enhanced by a scientist. Thus begins a wild journey of terror as Sabrina and Eve (the name she gives her double) find themselves fleeing the US Government, the CIA, and the Japanese – all of whom want Sabrina out of the way, and Eve for themselves.

The Living Image by P. M. Richter is a thriller with a decided twist. Gritty dialogue and crisp action scenes will keep you flipping pages as you cheer Sabrina and Eve on in their headlong flight from danger. I received a free copy of The Living Image for review, and thoroughly enjoyed its blend of fear, humor, and emotion. The perfect book to curl up in front of a fire with. An easy four-star rating for Richter.

Review of ‘Deadly Fun’

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Lolita is a beautiful, sexy undercover operative working for an organization with nebulous ties to the FBI. She has something of a shady past, but she always gets her man. When she must go on a cruise to the Bahamas with her boss Dan to check up on a mob enforcer with a violent streak, she finds herself face to face with seemingly insurmountable obstacles – physical and emotional.

P.M. Richter’s Deadly Fun is a rip-roaring, edge-of-the-seat mystery with crisp dialogue, credible descriptions that make you believe you’re right there in the middle of the action, and enough twists to keep you guessing. Non-stop action keeps you turning paging, salivating for more. I read a free review copy of Deadly Fun, and found that it fit my notion of what a good mystery should be – except for one small quibble; the often abrupt changes from Lolita’s to Dan’s point of view were a bit distracting in the early chapters. By the time I was midway through the book, though, I’d come to expect them, so they were a bit less distracting. A minor complaint about what is on balance a really good read.