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Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy: Stories 7 – 9’

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Oliver is an elegant tomcat. His best friend is Jumpy, a kangaroo. The two of them get up to some amazing adventures that will delight young readers. In Werner Stejskal’s Oliver and Jumpy: Stories 7 – 9, our two heroes have fun in the snow among other adventures.

I received a free copy of Stejskal’s book for review, and as usual was enthralled by the simple, yet educational stories contained therein. The illustrations are first rate, and kids can learn life lessons while they enjoy having the stories read to them, or for those who can read, read themselves.

As a grandfather myself I can really identify with Stejskal’s efforts to entertain his grandkids. This is not the best of his Oliver and Jumpy series, but it still deserves four stars.