oliver and jumpy 58-62

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy – Stories 58-62’

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Oliver and Jumpy – the Cat Series, Stories 58 – 62 by Werner Stejskal is the 20th book in the Oliver and Jumpy series. Unlike the first 19, which each have three stories, with illustrations and brief text, this one is a series of five stories, with fewer illustrations, that has Oliver the elegant tomcat telling how he creates stories. These books are designed for early readers. Like the early books, this one contains lessons of value for young readers, but in addition, talks about the creative process of writing stories.

This one might be a bit of a challenge for beginning readers, but with adult help, they will come away from the experience of reading it with an enriched vocabulary, and who knows, this might be just the thing to inspire the literary gene in your child.

I give this one five stars.