oliver and Jumpy: 55-57

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy: 55-57’

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Oliver and Jumpy: 55-57 by Werner Stejskal has three beautifully illustrated stories of the kind I’ve come to enjoy in this series. Oliver, the elegant tom cat, helps save his friends from a flood and teaches them the value of working together in ‘Flood;’ in ‘Lazy Squirrel,’ he teaches a lazy squirrel that it’s wrong to steal from others, and in ‘’Unexpected Lory,’ when his cousin, Lory, runs away from home and drops in on him looking for adventure, he teaches her the importance of listening to your parents.

Each of these little stories is entertaining, while at the same time teaching an important life lesson to young people. These make great bedtime stories for young ones, either having them read, or if they’re early readers, reading it themselves.

I give this one five stars.