Review of ‘Netherworld’ by Lisa Morton

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This is a pre-publication review of Netherworld (Book One of the Chronicles of Diana Furnaval) by Lisa Morton. I received a pre-publication review copy from JournalStone Press.

Lady Diana Furnaval, though only just turned 30, is both a widow and a demon hunter. When her husband, William Furnaval, who is from a family of gateway keepers – the portals between the mortal world and the Netherworld – is reported murdered in Europe, Diana inherits his estate and becomes the last gatekeeper. Rather than just keeping watch over the gates, though, she vows to close each and every one of them, sealing the demons in there hell.

Her quest, along with her cat Mina, takes her from Europe to China, where she meets Yi-Kin who enlists in her quest, to America, and finally, to Netherworld itself, when she learns of a demonic plan to invade the mortal realm. She must stop the invasion, but the cost could be more than she can afford to pay.

Lisa Morton’s Netherworld: Book One of the Chronicles of Diana Furnaval, is a supernatural thriller with epic scope, crafted as only a British fantasy writer can – in a deceptively understated style that sneaks up on you, and says ‘boo!’ before you know what’s happening. Follow Diana as Morton takes her on an epic journey that spans the globe and reality, and when you’re done, you’ll be panting for Book Two.