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Review of ‘Mother of all Meltdowns’

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If your image of ‘mother’ is Beaver Cleaver’s mom, June, you’re probably not going to like Mother of all Meltdowns. A collection of 30 essays, by women who also happen to be mothers and bloggers, Meltdown talks about those times in every parent’s life when the poop encounters the oscillating blades – adult tantrums, more accurately, Mommy Tantrums. Unless you’re a parent from another universe, you will find an incident in this beautifully collection that you can identify with, or have lived through. I read this book on the first warm day of the year, when I was in a good mood, and found it an interesting and entertaining read.

These stories are too strange to be made up, and each writer’s voice comes through clearly. If you’re not a parent yet, this might give you pause. If you’re a parent already, you’ll be happy to know you’re not alone.

On top of everything else, it’s funny. I promise you, once you read it, you’ll never view motherhood the same way again.