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Review of ‘Mark of the Loon’

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When Madison Boone buys an old cottage in Sonoma that belonged to a reclusive ornithologist and his wife, her plans are just to fix it up and flip it for profit. The property has a secret, though, and some people are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to uncover it—unfortunately, they have to get Madison off the property first. With the help of her friend, lawyer, Gen Delacourt, Madison begins to peel away the layers of the mystery of the Blackburne family’s estate, and what she learns could be deadly.

Mark of the Loon by Molly Greene is a delightful cozy mystery with a wacky, but loveable cast of characters—a group of witty, independent women who operate according to their own rules, and a colorful locale that is lovingly described, without becoming boring. I loved the pacing; slow and measured until you feel comfortable, and then a burst of frenetic action to get your blood pounding, and just enough budding romance to make it all interesting.

A great start to what I predict will be an even greater series. Don’t miss it. I give it five stars.

Review of ‘Swindle Town’

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PI Gen Delacourt is hired by the owner of an exclusive club to find out why her club has so many missing wine bottles. Her investigation leads to another exclusive club where she finds the patrons are victims of a scam being run by the club’s beautiful owner, Amanda Grant. Then, to add to her complications, she’s hired by Amanda to find out who is sending her threatening notes. Gen’s life takes an unexpected turn when Shiloh James, a childhood friend of her boyfriend, SFPD detective Mack Hackett, becomes romantically involved with the owners of both clubs.

Swindle Town by Molly Greene, the fifth book in the Gen Delacourt mystery series, is a different kind of mystery. While there’s plenty of action, unlike other mysteries, there aren’t dozens of corpses piling up page after page; just a finely-crafted story with enough twists and false leads to keep you wondering who the bad guy or gal is until Gen wraps it up and ties it with a beautiful bow near the end.

Greene handles her characters well, so well that you love some and feel sorry for others—the hallmark of fine fiction. I’d love to give this book five stars, but there were a few too many typos, so I’m giving it only four.

Review: “Blog It! The author’s guide to building a successful online brand” by Molly Greene

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If you’re a blogger, one book you simply must read is, Blog It! The author’s guide to building a successful online brand by Molly Greene. Greene is an author, blogger, and blogging coach who knows what she’s talking about and does it in an engaging way.

This is a kind of nuts and bolts recipe book of blogging, covering everything from building a stable of regular readers to how to sell your books on your blog. The reader is taken from the basics; where should you establish a blog, setting up a writing and publishing schedule; to more advanced techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO) and blog design.

Written in a direct, no-nonsense manner, this book will, if you follow Greene’s advice, make you not just a better blogger, but a more successful blogger. There are a lot of books out there on blogging, but this one is without doubt the best. I give this book an unqualified five stars!



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